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Thematic map - Observed fish species from the Species Data Bank

Map information

The Species Data Bank and GBIF-Norway have created this service to disseminate on-site species information from various data owners. Here you can see where species have been found or observed. You can see which species have been found within a geographical area, a county or a municipality.
Most species have not been completely mapped, and species may have disappeared from the site where they have been reported.


The map below shows coverage for the data. Zoom in to see if there is data for your area.

NB! The dataset contains all observations from the Species Data Bank and is divided into 3 main categories:


  • Species observations after 2000

  • Species observations 1980-2000

  • Species observations before 1980

Each of these main categories contains several hundred different species as subcategories. By clicking on a species observation, you get more detailed information. Each observation has a characteristic "precision" attached to it. This property says something about how accurate the geographical position of the observation is. If "precision" is "0", it means that the observation is only associated with a geographical place name and that the exact position does not exist. If "precision" is "100", it means that one can assume that the species has been observed within a radius of 100m from the point on the map.


Downloadable map for Simrad, Lowrance and B&G

Example of display of species


By clicking on the species name, you get more information.

The theme map is available in the following versions (click on the download link):

NB! The maps available on this site are for personal use only at your own risk. They shall not be resold or otherwise distributed outside this site.


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