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Depth map Skagerrak

General information

This map is based on a number of different open data sources. For a detailed description of the source data and methodology used, read a separate blog post here.

Please note that this map is published in beta and all use is at your own risk. The purpose of the map is to show detailed depth contours in deep water. The map will be more inaccurate near land. Some areas will be very detailed and accurate, while other areas will be less detailed and with a lesser degree of accuracy. This is because access to basic data varies from area to area.

The map should under no circumstances be used for navigation!

Downloadable map for Simrad, Lowrance and B&G

The map is called "TC Skagerrak" and is selected in the list of available maps on your plotter. The main category is "TC depth map" and included in the subcategory are all depth intervals (10m). The map is set up with color codes for deep water fishing as follows:
0-10m - Orange
10m-20 - Yellow
20m-50m - Green (dark to light 10m intervals)
50m-400m - Blue (dark to light, 50m intervals)


Map section

Download the depth map here:



NB! The maps available on this site are for personal use only at your own risk. They shall not be resold or otherwise distributed outside this site.

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