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Thematic map - Watercourses

Map information

River networks for the main watercourses, as defined in REGINE and ELVIS.

ELVIS is based on NVE's national river network database. In ELVIS, all watercourse elements are represented as continuous lines in a network.

The map below shows coverage for the data. Zoom in to see if there is data for your area.

The map is taken from NVE map service.

ELVIS is derived from the water theme in the N50 map data. All data and information here taken from NVE's pages.


Downloadable map for Simrad, Lowrance and B&G

The map is made up of the main category "Watercourses" and two subcategories "Main river" and "River network". River networks contain all rivers and streams, while main rivers contain only rivers. Only the watercourses flowing into the sea are shown, and these are cut so that only the last 500m or less are shown on the map.


Example of display of watercourses.

The theme map is available in the following versions (click on the download link):

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