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Thematic map - Spawning areas

Map information

Spawning areas are collected by the Directorate of Fisheries' regional office based on interviews with mainly fishermen. In order to be registered as a spawning area, the fishermen have reported having caught fish with flowing roe or describe areas where, by visual observation, fish roe has been registered on the seabed (for example herring roe).  

The map below shows coverage for the data. Zoom in to see if there is data for your area.

The map is taken from the Directorate of Fisheries' map service.

NB! The map on this page does not show information about species that spawn within the various areas. The actual map on the plotter has the different species as subcategories. Ie. if you want to see spawning grounds for herring then just turn on the subcategory "Herring".  Several species spawn in the same areas, so if you turn on all subcategories, there will be areas that overlap.

Downloadable map for Simrad, Lowrance and B&G


The theme map is available in the following versions (click on the download link):

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