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Thematic map - Marine habitats

Map information

The dataset shows occurrences of habitat types that are considered to be very important (A), important (B) and locally important (C) for biological diversity. These localities are located both within and outside areas that are protected under the Biodiversity Act / the Nature Conservation Act. Outside the protected areas, these values must be safeguarded primarily through the municipalities 'and sectors' land management. The criteria for valuation can be found in DN handbook 19 Mapping of marine biological diversity. Valuation is an important tool in impact assessments and other assessments that form the basis for land use. Marine biodiversity mapping started in 2000 and has been carried out in collaboration with the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries.


The map below shows coverage for the data. Zoom in to see if there is data for your area. Click on "Full version" to see the map in full version on the Directorate of Fisheries' map solution.

Downloadable map for Simrad, Lowrance and B&G


The theme map is available in the following versions (click on the download link):

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