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Daiwa Tatula TW 400 - News 2022

Daiwa Tatula is a classic. A classic with a very good reputation. In this series you will find the entire range, from the small sleek Tatula 100 up to reels for the really heavy tasks. And now the family has a new big brother; Tatula TW 400. This is a reel for the toughest jobs. It is based on the 300 model, and has fairly similar dimensions, but with a wider housing.

The reel built solid, with housing and side plate in aluminum, and great effort has been made to get a stable packaging. The reel will be exposed to a lot of stress during heavy predator fishing, and all components must be kept in place. To ensure that everything goes well, the reel has 7 ball bearings that have both function when reeling and when casting. The reel has got the renowned Magforce casting brake, which keeps control of the spool speed through the cast. This is a brake type without physical contact of the surfaces. Here the coil is braked by means of induction. This is both durable and stable. In order for the line to flow as unhindered as possible from the spool, the reel has a TWS line guide. This has gradually appeared on many Daiwa reels, and has a dual function. When the thumb key is pressed so that the spool is disengaged, the line guide is tilted so the line flows freely through a wide section. When you start to crank, the line is routed nicely on the spool. To help you with the fight, you get a solid drag with 12kg drag force.

There is no doubt that this is a reel for the tough jobs. The target consumer is those who need a reel for rough use, either in a salmon river or when you are going to cast huge rubber baits for the big pike.

You can read more about Daiwa Tatula TW 400 here.

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