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Simrad NSX - Here are the highlights!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Rumors of Simrad's development of a new multifunction machine have been circulating for some time. The machine, which will run on a completely new operating system, was launched earlier this week via a global live stream event! Are you among those who have wanted the chartplotter to behave more like your mobile phone and your iPad? Well, welcome to the next generation of boating electronics, Simrad NSX!


NSX is the name of Simrad's latest multifunction machine which is based on the brand new operating system NEON. The development in mobile phone and tablet tech have accelerated in the last 10-15 years, and these platforms are known for their intuitive and clean user interfaces, which even grandma and grandpa can navigate through. In the development of the Simrad NSX, Navico has therefore chosen to look at mobile devices, and build a completely new operating system from scratch, with focus on user-friendly and modern design in an app-based environment. NEON also provides the ability to run third-party apps, which opens up new and exciting opportunities. Suppliers of solutions for lighting, sensors, motor data and more will be able to create apps for Simrad NSX for control and monitoring of these solutions.

Simrad NSX is promoted as a mid range unit in the same segment as GO, but it is probably more correct to place NSX somewhere between GO and NSS Evo3S. The targeted consumers are owners of small and medium-sized motorboats as well as saltwater fishermen. Three models are launched, NSX 3007, NSX 3009 and NSX 3012, where the last digit in the model name indicates the screen size.

Simrad NSX 3012, the largest of the three models that are launched.


NSX comes in three different sizes, 7 ", 9" and 12 "with SolarMax HD IPS technology. This means that these screens will also work well in open boats with direct exposure to both water and sunlight. When it comes to resolution, Simrad has chosen to go for 1024x600 on NSX 3007, 1280x720 on NSX 3009 and 1280x800 on NSX 3012, which means that NSX 3007 and NSX 3009 have a higher screen resolution than GO7 and GO9 while NSX 3012 runs the same resolution as on GO12. It is important to remember that NSX comes with IPS display technology, which provides a larger viewing angle, more color, more contrast and sharper image than GO's TFT screens.

NSX 3007, NSX 3009 og NSX3012.

All three models come with the following connection ports:

  • Ethernet

  • NMEA2K

  • USB

  • Power

  • 9-pins sonar

In addition, a memory card reader is hidden behind the round Simrad lid. It is worth mentioning that the NSX, unlike its predecessors, has no limit on the storage capacity of the SD card. Previous NOS devices have been limited to 32GB, this restriction has been removed in NSX's operating system NEON.

Simrad has also reduced the actual footprint of the unit without it affecting the screen surface, which enables the installation of a larger screen in a dashboard with limited space.


The GPS module in NSX has a refresh rate of 10Hz and supports the positioning systems GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS. There is support for up to 48 channels and NSX will find the position even with very low GNSS signal. In summary, this means that the GPS module in the NSX is very good, and that you will keep an accurate and up-to-date GPS position under all types of conditions.

GPS antenna on Simrad NSX.


NSX will be the first mid range multifunction machine from Simrad to have a real 1kw echosounder built in. There is of course support for both downscan and sidescan in addition to traditional 2D sonar. At launch, NSX does not support sonar sharing, but this will be in place in the first software update which will also include support for connection to e.g. SonarHub and S5100.

The sonar app on Simrad NSX.


NSX supports both Halo Dome and Open Array radars. There is also support for the older 3G and 4G radars, but you might experience some limitations in functionality. NSX supports the connection of multiple radars.

Simrad NSX radar app.


Simrad NSX supports the following autopilots:

  • NAC-1

  • NAC-2

  • NAC-3

  • NAC-D

Auotopilot panel on Simrad NSX.


In contrast to GO, NSX has full network functionality between NSX devices via both NMA2K and ethernet. As mentioned earlier, support for sonar sharing is not in place at launch, but this will be included in the first software update. Sharing of radar, maps and IP cameras is in place, and in addition there will be support for sharing waypoints, routes and tracks between NSX and older NOS devices in the network. However, it is noted that some limitations are associated with compatibility between NEON and NOS devices in the same network.

Engine data through NMEA2K on Simrad NSX.
Simrad NSX has full networking capabilities.

Simrad Companion App

Simrad announced that the introduction of NSX and NEON will lead to a much closer integration with the Simrad Companion App for mobile and tablets. Through the app you can synchronize waypoints, routes and trail tracks, you can back up settings and content, you can remotely control your device, make updates and much, much more.

Simrad Companion App for mobile and tablet.

Map - Discover X og Reveal X!

Together with NSX and the operating system NEON, Navico is also launching its new map series Discover X and Reveal X. If you have followed this blog before, you have probably seen the launch of C-Map Discover and Reveal last year. Now, these maps have been further improved in a new format adapted to the capabilities of the NEON operating system and NSX. Although yours truly have not yet had the opportunity to test Discover X and Reveal X, it's hard not to be impressed by how beautiful these maps look on NSX! The level of detail, the high resolution and how fast and responsive the map is when you zoom and scroll has been highlighted as one of the great strengths of NSX, this should simply be a completely amazing chartplotter!

Three different views from Discover X andReval X on the NSX.

In addition to the map app itself, there are also separate apps for waypoints, routes and tow tracks. These include new and improved options for managing routes and waypoints in a simple user interface. The map app also contains a completely new and very fast route planner.

NSX has a new interface for managing waypoints.


There is a lot to talk about in relation to the launch of NSX. We think it's very interesting with a new Simrad device using a completely new operating system, this will definitely open up lots of new possibilities. The combination of a modern, intuitive app-based user interface, full network functionality, IPS screens, real 1kw sonar and the new map series Discover X and Reveal makes us believe Simrad NSX will be a bestseller in the years to come!

We hope to get our hands on a unit and will definetely return with more detailed reviews on both blog and Youtube throughout the coming year!

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