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The flagship Daiwa Exist - News for 2022

Oppdatert: 21. feb. 2022

There is a jungle of fishing equipment out there, and the selection is huge. There is equipment for all techniques and in all price ranges, and it can be difficult to decide.

Top models are always exciting, and Exist is no exception.

Daiwa 22 Exist.

It is a continuous race to offer the best equipment, the best casting abilities, the best stability, the most ball bearings and the lowest weight. All of these elements are intertwined, and there are often compromises. If you prioritize pushing the weight down, it can quickly affect stability and durability.

For Exist, the focus is on weight, balance and stability. Daiwa introduces a new concept, "Airdrive", which is mainly about optimization. The large and central components are milled out of whole aluminum pieces with a focus on removing all unnecessary weight, and then balanced for optimal stability. The reels weighs from 155 to 210 grams, depending on the model. Combined with as many as 12 ball bearings and brass gears in a waterproof gearbox, it is designed for performance.

We first and foremost like that Exist appears to be a very solid reel. We always get a little worried when it comes to low weight. It is easy to put too much focus on the lowest possible weight, at the expense of durability. High end fishing equipment costs money, and you do not want to risk standing on out in the wilderness with a broken crank arm or a broken gear house. Components made of magnesium and metal can withstand more than plastic and carbon fiber, and it is important to remember that the equipment must withstand all kinds of handling not only the fishing itself. In addition, we do have a weakness for the silky smooth feeling of an optimized reel with top balance.

Exist comes in sizes from 2000 to 5000 and with gear ratios from 4.9: 1 to 6.2: 1. If you are weak for exclusive fishing equipment and looking for a really nice reel reel that fits perfectly with your favorite rod, whether it is for fishing in the mountains or finesse perch fishing, we are reasonably sure that you will be satisfied with Exist.

You can read more about Daiwa Exist here.

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