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Daiwa Tatulion HD 200 - News 2022

Oppdatert: 17. feb. 2022

Tatulion… If you’re into fishing gear, I think that Tatula is now a name that is familiar. And it is probably not a coincident that this new reel has been given a name reminiscent of one of the best-selling low-profile baitcaster reels on the market.

We are now in the category for small low-profile baitcaster reels, and the Tatulion places itself in the rather heavy segment when it comes to weight and specifications. Those have a tendency to be related to each other. The reel has a housing, side plate and crank arm made of aluminum, brass gears and large crank handles in EVA foam. In short, it is a proper power reel in a small package. Combined with a deep, high capacity spool this indicates that the reel is intended for rough use. The reel probably has its origins in bass fishing, where hard-hitting hookups and fishing in a lot of vegetation is the melody. For our part, this reel will fit nicely on a slightly more powerful rod, for example 15-40 grams, for fishing for perch or zander with heavier jigs or hardbaits such as the Lazy Jerk in small sizes.

We like that the reel is equipped with 7 ball bearings, MagForce casting brake and TWS line guide. This has a larger opening when the spool is disengaged. If you want to succeed with good casting abilities on this type of reel, you are, as well known, dependent on a spool that rotates easily with good control, and a line guide that allows the line to flow as freely as possible.

Tatulion comes in two models, with right or left crank handle, has 7 ball bearings, weighs in at 230 grams and has 6kg drag. The gear ratio is 6.3: 1, which makes it well suited for both jig fishing and larger wobblers.

You can read more about Daiwa Tatulion here.

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