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Morethan for sea trout - News 2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

For a dedicated fisherman there’s not much that compares with the feeling of great gear. With Morethan AGS Daiwa introduces a premium rod for hard core sea trout anglers!

Daiwa Morethan - Premium for sea trout

This is a high end rod series designed especially for Scandinavian sea trout fishermen. Nothing is spared here, and the Morethan has all the advanced tech to give a thin, light and suitable fast blank, with action that is specially adapted for sea trout fishing. The carbon fiber guides are borrowed from Prorex AGS, and will improve casting abilities and give a better feeling with what is happening at the end of your line. We believe that this rod will be a killer for sea bass fishing in addition to sea trout. The series will also be available in a baitcaster version.

We like that the rods are relatively long, from 9.3 to 10.2 feet. This is especially important when fishing from shore where casting distance is more important than when fishing from a boat. The casting weights are 5-25 and 7-35 grams, and with "Regular" and "Fast" action, the rods are well suited for plastic baits and spoons.

The fly fisherman has a wide selection to choose from for chasing sea trout. With Morethan, spin enthusiasts should also cover their need for a premium rod!

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